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Sandie Awards Committee

A special thanks to our 100% volunteer committee for their talents, dedication, and marketing passion in making the 2024 AMA Sandie Awards a great success!

Summer Haines

VP Special Events – Sandie Awards
Co-Founder Compass Digital

Zachary Senvisky

2024-2025 President-Elect
VP Sponsorship
Compass Digital

Bobby Buchanan

Branding Brilliance
Buchanan Branding + Design

Eddie Delbridge

Producer Extraordinaire
Co-Founder Live Digital Entertainment

Caroline Hanson


Maya Sykes

VP Volunteer Talent Management

Alexis Diller

Marketing – Social Media

Marissa Carter

Marketing/Photographer/Drone Pilot

Bailey Mellos

Marketing – Copywriter

Sammi Beatrice

Awards & Judges
Co-Founder Fashion Your Passion

Sydney Naucler

Student Liaison

Jessica Cordero

Event Experience

Daniela Urias


Ron Marcus

Marketing Advisor

Evencia Leite

Sponsorship Advisor

Jorge Pires

Web Developer
Horhei Tech Labs

“As President of AMA San Diego, I can honestly say that the Sandie Awards are much more than just an event for us – it’s the cornerstone of our community. It’s incredible to see the creativity and dedication that shines through in our field. I’m really looking forward to this year’s awards. It’s not just about recognizing great work; it’s about the connections we make and the energy that buzzes through our community. It’s a chance for all of us in San Diego’s marketing scene to inspire and be inspired, and I can’t wait to see what we’ll achieve together this time around.”

Claudia Chow, 2023-2024 President

AMA San Diego Board Members

Claudia Chow – 2023-2024 President – Scatena Daniels

Zachary Senvisky – 2024-2025 President – Compass Digital

Frank Cowell – Immediate Past President – Revenue Ranch

Janene Forman – Treasurer – Q2 Insights

Kathy Townend – Secretary – Enlyte

Judy Parker – Co-VP of Collegiate Relations – JParker Communications

Christine Trimble – Co-VP of Collegiate Relations – Literary Consultant

Varvara Lynch – Co-VP of Events – Housecall Pro

Lisa Tomaselli – Co-VP of Events – SHOWTEC, INC

Mary Beth McCabe – Member at Large – Point Loma Nazarene University

Kirsty Nunez – Member at Large – Q2 Insights

Jon Haber – VP of Membership – San Diego Foundation

Summer Haines – Co-VP of Special Events/Sandie Awards – Compass Digital

Nick Hofer – Co-VP of Special Events/Art of Marketing – Hofer Consulting

Tom McFadden – VP of Sponsorship – Jacob Tyler

Maya Sykes – VP of Volunteer Talent Management – University of San Diego